Directional Personnel's goals are to provide a solution to assist directional companies in managing their contract personnel needs, while maintaining qualified directional personnel.

We assist with directional companies in maintaining quality personnel for their drilling needs and provide a one stop solution for mananging individual consultants.

 Directional Personnel will provide directional driller consultants with the experience in:

Extended Reach                                            Horizontal Drilling
Multilateral Drilling                                        Conventional Directional Drilling
Re-Entry                                                       Multi Well Pad Drilling
Under Balnced Drilling                                    Vertical Control
Air Drilling
Directional Personnel will provide MWD consultants with experience in:    
Tensor Tools
APS tools
EM Technology

We will Provide a personal approach that is unrivaled in today's enviroment by connecting them with a Resource Manager, who will work to provide the best in dependable customer support, expertise and quidance throughout their relationship.

Know rules when hiring Contractors
Dept of Labor vs Gate Guard Services


New Tech Global Our New Tech Global (NTG) affiliate is recognized as a global leader in upstream oil and gas consultancy services. NTG is comprised of three primary divisions that include NTG Consulting, NTG Engineering Services, and NTG Oilfield Solutions. Our US branch offices are located in Fort Worth, Midland, Lafayette, Denver, and Canonsburg, PA. Internationally, NTG has branch offices in Mexico City and Dubai with ongoing activity in more than 25 countries around the world.


MudTech Our MudTech Services, L.P. affiliate offers an effective “just in time” alternative for project staffing. MudTech Services provide drilling, completion, and compliance engineers.

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